Space to Embrace

Professional Organizing Services

Do I need a Professional Organizer?

Are you stressed by your surrounding and don’t know where to start to organize your space?

Are you just too busy to deal with the mess?

Do your surroundings embarrass you?

Are you often repurchasing items that you know you have but you simply cannot find?

If you are unsure of where to start to get the chaos under control, no need to worry, I’m here to help.

What does a professional organizer do?

My goal is for you to enjoy your space.  By working together we can determine processes to help your home run smoothly and efficiently.  I would work with your family and lifestyle to find a more effective system of organization for your home.  We would start by sorting our items into categories of; keep, recycle, discard.    The goal would be to simplify spaces and arrange items in a convenient way to save you time and energy.

The possibilities are endless!  Your space can be a sanctuary instead of an area that stresses you out!

Let’s make it a space to embrace that you will enjoy living in!  Interested in a consultation of your space? Contact me today!

Real Life Examples

Julie Bernatz

“What? You actually enjoy organizing spaces?” This is typically the reaction that I receive upon telling someone that I am a professional organizer. But the truth is, I do enjoy it! I even thrive on it. I love helping people get organized and making their homes a space to embrace, rather than a space to avoid.