Julie and her assistant, Erin, are hard workers. They are smart, personable and analyze your needs very quickly. They dig right in and get the job done. No messing around with these two. I highly recommend Space to Embrace for clearing out and organizing your space. Sarah S.

Julie and her assistant Erin are fantastic. They helped me organize my attic, my kitchen and entryway and I couldn’t be more pleased with the services provided. Very communicative, easy to work with you, they’re hard workers and I highly recommend them! Autumn G.

Finally, some organization!

Julie and her team were amazing. After years of inadvertent collecting of kids clothes and other “treasures,” Julie helped dig us out, and give us good plans and strategies on how to avoid ending up here again!

Over the course of two 3-day sessions, she helped us with:
Guest room 1
Bonus room
Switched our son’s room to a different room
Owner’s closet
Guest room 2
Laundry room

And we’ll be back for our pantry and kitchen cabinets!

If you have kids, and work, and are tired of living in a disorganized mess, Space to Embrace is there to help.

Justin N.

From the first point of contact, I had a great experience with Julie from Space to Embrace. I got on her schedule for an estimate, very quickly. She showed up on time and was very organized with her paperwork so after she gave me her recommendations I signed up to get the work done. On cleaning day, she and her assistant Erin quickly got to work. Julie knows what she’s doing and has a very pleasant take charge way of handling things! Everything was going great, there was no judgment on their end and I was feeling quite accomplished, but unfortunately the time ran out before we were finished. I did have to schedule a second appointment for them to come back, but I suppose I had more “stuff” than originally anticipated. That was understandable because we weren’t only dealing with my bonus room, but also using space in my garage and an extra closet, as well. With lots of old photos, artwork, clothes, paperwork, memorabilia, etc. it can be tough to go through everything in a fairly short period of time. They kept things moving with a positive attitude as well as some great organizing tips along the way. I am happy with what they accomplished and would recommend Space To Embrace to help clean out or declutter anyone’s home! – Greta E.

I have been blessed! When I heard Julie speak last fall about the organizing service she offers, it was music to my ears. Having moved recently and trying to downsize, I needed help, especially with my extensive collection of sewing supplies. Where to start? Not only has Julie been able to help with that daunting task, she able to help me with numerous other tasks as well. She has a natural bent for looking at a challenge and resolving the problem quickly and efficiently. She also helped me make decisions to part with things I should have thrown away or given away long ago, and then, after deciding what should be donated, she dropped them off and e-mailed me the receipt.. Julie has helped me with numerous other tasks and will be coming for the third time to help me finish up my projects. I recommend her highly. She’s easy to work with an worth every dime! Apryll K.

Julie helped with a move from start to finish.  This included paring down accumulated “stuff”, packing, coordinating with the movers, unpacking and organizing and decorating the new apartment for an HGTV-style final reveal.  Julie is very personable as well as professional.  We were extremely pleased with the results and will not hesitate to call her again for all of our moving and organizing needs! – Kristi P.

I have wanted a beautiful dressing room to try out different clothing combinations, relax & take the time to get ready in the midst of peaceful beauty. Our home is large but my master closet is oddly shaped and not well organized.

COVID gave the time I needed to focus on turning a spare bedroom into my special place! But I’m not a designer and I made it up to a point where I stalled. So I asked Julie to help me!

Her enthusiasm, work ethic & process was a perfect match. She visited my home to see my style & hear my ideas/questions then quickly mapped out the space. She sent links to great pieces I needed so I could collect the items I needed to move forward. And she referred me to a masterful construction business who custom built my dream closet in an existing storage space of the room.

Julie is a great listener and has solid contacts— she even consulted about our pantry organization, de cluttering needs & my husband’s office issues!

If you need a home organizer or help with interior design/shopping, I recommend Julie Bernatz  #spacetoembrace – Laurie N.

Julie transformed my garage into a space we could finally pull in a car to and gave my husband a “man cave” all in one.  Before she came, the space was junky and no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t get it to a place that would allow us to do anything.  With Julie’s help and expertise, I communicated what we needed and she made it into a functional space.  My husband loves his man cave and I can finally pull my car in as well.  She also gave us storage space and much more.  I give her 15 stars out of 10 stars!  SHE IS THE BEST! – Patrice L.

“Julie helped me to pack and sort during a move that came up very quickly.  She helped me get organized for my open house, including taking boxes and boxes of donations to the appropriate drop off points, which saved me so much time.

She also helped me pack after my house was sold.  Julie’s help was invaluable and helped to make a stressful time less overwhelming” – Nancy L.

“Julie helped me in our bonus room, which was quite disorderly. We briefly reviewed my vision for the room, and she saw the problem areas quickly. She worked efficiently, had creative storage solutions, and even offered ideas for things that I hadn’t identified or discussed. We laughed frequently through the project. It was much more fun to organize with Julie’s help. She even took the discards to charity at no charge, and offered to mail my receipt. Highly recommended!” – Pam M.

“Julie Bernatz’s Space to Embrace has been a life-saver during the past year.  She first helped me re-organize my den so that it’s much more functional and less cluttered.  I enjoy sitting in that space so much more now.  Then, she helped me with my upstairs’ closets, which I had neglected for years.  I know and can see what’s in each one of them now.  Finally, this summer, we tackled the downstairs basement which, for 25 years had become the typical repository for things that I thought someone MIGHT want SOMETIME in the future but really were only collecting mold and spider webs.

I believe Julie’s special gift is in perceiving order behind the chaos, understanding relationships between how inanimate objects can fit together and also how they can fit into one’s lifestyle.  She helps reluctant owners decide what should go and what should stay, and I can honestly say that any items we decided to “let go” has not been missed at all!  I highly recommend Julie as one how knows how to help customers simplify their surroundings so that they and their families can enjoy what is most loved or useful among their possessions.  Friendly and professional, she’s a pleasure to work with, and her son is a great helper too!”  – Helen H.

“Julie did an amazing job leading me thru the process of sorting items quickly and easily. She kept me focused on identifying what to donate vs. keep. What would have taken me days (if not months being caught up in the emotional memories of kids clothes, toys, etc) was done in a few hours!!! Thanks Julie! You are the best!” – Sarah A.

“You are a genuine person, you look at the situation and the person, and for me, your responses and actions were perfect.” – Jerry B.

“I love working with Julie!  She is very helpful, very methodical and above all, non-judgmental.  She has helped me in numerous areas of my house.  She not helps you organize what you have but also teaches you skills so you can do it yourself.  As a person who has a hard time being neat  as well as a being married to a pack rat, Julie has been a lifesaver.”  – Nancy B.

“A huge thank you to Julie with Space to Embrace for helping me get my workroom decluttered and organized!  I can see my floor now!  There is a lot that goes into creating custom window treatments and ‘stuff’ accumulates!  Now the challenge will be to keep it this neat and organized.” – Ronica V.

“I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy living in my home because of my clutter.  All of that changed after I had my consultation with Julie.  We talked about what I didn’t like about my home and she recommended some simple changes.  Some of it I did on my own and some of it she helped me with.  From the time she arrived, she was busy organizing and helping my house look more like a home.  She transformed my home by decluttering and also helping me with furniture and picture placement.  Now, when I look around my home, it feels peaceful and I am so satisfied and proud to live here” – Bea D.

“Life gets busy and before you know it…even prior organizing needs to be updated.  Julie from Space to Embrace was great to work with.  She first sat down with me and had a consultation about what I wanted and her own process.  Then we set up a time to get back together and make it happen.  It is a great team process where you are going through items and figuring out where they need to be or if they need to go.  I don’t mind organizing and going through things, but having Julie as a partner in this huge endeavor made it more manageable.  I have a ton of to do’s, I need to get done.  There is an accountability to setting a time with a professional organizer to help you on a project instead of trying to work organizing in your spare time.   Who has spare time?  This is a great way to “make it happen!” – Liza S.

“Recently I hired Julie to help me reclaim an equipment closet for my photography business. It had become so full and disorganized that I had abandoned it all together and began using the dining room as my staging area.
In her consultation, she measured the spaces, asked how I wanted the closet to function, and created a plan. On the work day, she deftly moved me through the sorting process, and within the day, I had a closet that works and a destination (donate, sell, keep) for every item that had been stored in there. Most importantly, my equipment no longer lives on the dining room table. I will definitely be using her services again.” – Catherine D.

“Julie came to look over the issues that were of concern for me. She listened carefully and addressed each area with possible solutions. I felt comfortable collaborating with her. She did not come in with a set plan but helped me develop a plan that would work for me. I really appreciated her flexible approach ad allowing time for me to process ideas and do some of the work on my own. When we worked together, Julie was very efficient and I love the way my closets look now. I would highly recommend her service!” – Nancy W.

“Today Julie with Space to Embrace came to help me get my attic organized. I would definitely recommend her as she was very professional and knew what needed to be done. Julie has such a sweet and fun personality and I enjoyed working with her!” Beverly F.

“Julie was helpful, on time, positive and kind. She is a good communicator and always followed up as she promised. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her to get my home office organized and much more user friendly. I definitely recommend her!” – Pat S.

“Julie has been a pleasure to work with. Her organic style, coupled with a good eye for space improvements has turned my kitchen into a logical yet comfortable space. I have already started enjoying the ease of cooking and baking breads – with the added ease of being able to put my hands on the necessary tools, without searching all over the kitchen! After a careful interview of what was required, all the items that she researched for spacial improvements were spot on. I took on a few tasks ahead of time in order to give the most attention to re-organizing the contents of the different areas. This proved to be helpful, and allowed us to focus on reducing clutter, and making logical workable space in all corners of my kitchen.

I very much like her concept of donating duplicate items, or items that we simply no longer use, to organizations that give back to the community. This is the way to go – where we can let go of our excess, and feel good about it!

Many thanks to Julie for giving me a “new” kitchen that I truly love!” – Jan L.

“Thank you for your help in getting my home ready for sale. I could not have done it without you. After 60 years of keeping home, I just didn’t know where to start. You came in and helped me decide what to keep and what went to give away or sell. Thanks again for all your help. You sure have a gift!”  – Lois G.

“Julie offers the total package. Her creativity and organizational / decluttering skills are top notch! In addition, she brings her “self” as a kind, nonjudgmental, direct and optimistic person to the table. I looked forward to each session with her because her passion for her business is contagious. This endeavor with her has been my best spent and investment of money in years. Thank you Julie!” – Julie I.

“The changes that Julie made in my youngest daughter’s room were incredible. My daughter’s room and bathroom were a constant point of contention between us. It overwhelmed me each time I went in there and she didn’t want to turn loose of anything. Having a third party that wasn’t emotionally invested made all the difference. Now her bedroom, bathroom and closet are beautifully organized and fully functional. We are beyond pleased and so grateful.” – Carolyn Y.

“I recently had Julie arrange and hang pictures in my new home! I was most impressed with her creative ideas. She made a collage on one wall with several of my pictures. I would never have thought to do that! She also suggested a separating a set of pictures with a wall shelf. I can’t wait to have her do more organizing for me in my new home.” – Kathy C.

“Something wonderful happened recently at my home.  A very savvy woman helped me get organized!  We started with my “walk-in” closet because I couldn’t walk in it.  I found clothes I didn’t know I had.  Also, I was able to make sizable donations.  Julie was very thoughtful and thorough.  I was especially thankful for the kind way she helped me sort my deceased husband’s things.  She had various suggestions of organizations to help with other issues I have i.e. cleaning companies, foundations and equipment.” –   Athena M.

“My original text: “Hi Julie, Hhhhhheeeeelllllppppp!” “I’m drowning!!!!” Years filled with crisis and procrastination led to our sea of clutter. Baby toys (my sons are 19 and 14), books, clothes, magazines, and papers, etc. we’re crammed into closets, hidden under beds, and piled onto floors. Cleaning this house was like trying to bail water out of a sinking boat with only a paper cup. I was embarrassed for anyone to come over, but I didn’t know how to tackle “the stuff” much less find places for everything. That’s when I found Julie! I texted her pictures of my home, and she agreed to help me. Julie and her assistant drove 135 miles round-trip for a consultation and seven sessions in order to begin a process that would become not only a transformation of my home, but a renewal of healing and freedom for me. With love, compassion, understanding, and patience my new friends helped me weed through years of clutter. They watched me cry, joined in my laughter, and listened to my stories while diligently keeping me on task. They taught me how to keep the items that I use and those that bring me joy. Needless to say, I found that I didn’t have to keep everything I thought I did, and I was able to discard items, and more importantly, bring more joy to others by giving. We were able to provide toys for a preschool, clothes and goods for a neighborhood, and books for overseas missions. Julie and her assistant were amazing and truly an answer to prayer. They took my sea of chaos and provided a life raft for calmer shores. Now I have a “Space to Embrace”! My text when the job was completed: “. . .For the first time we [my family and I] are excited about our home and it’s potential!!! Wow! When we started this project, I would never have believed that this was possible! . . . .” – Kelly B.

“Julie was wonderful to work with! Lots of energy to dig into the project of reorganizing my kitchen. She had wonderful ideas but always considered her client’s opinion and life style for implementation. She was lots of fun to work with. She came in under budget in terms of “hours spent”. She was timely and if something didn’t go as planned, came up with additional solutions. She observed the work flow of my kitchen and somehow made it exactly right. I look forward to working with her again on other home projects.” – Lynn H.

“Julie was a great help! I was lucky to win 2 hours service with her at my office meeting. She recognized the needs for my 7 year old daughter’s walk in closet. Julie was friendly and professional. My daughter’s reaction spoke more than 100 words! She loved it! I’m planning to continue using her professional skills on the spaces that I’m not sure how to embrace!” Elisa T.

“I truly appreciated all the help and organization Julie brought to our home. She tackled some tough rooms, including our toy room, kitchen and office and created a more organized and manageable space. She also made suggestions and created ways to assist us in maintaining these spaces. Julie was very personable, trustworthy and flexible. I would highly recommend Julie to help with your organization!” – Erin C.

“I would recommend Julie to organize anybody’s space. She was super personable and easy to work with. Organizing can be overwhelming and stressful, but Julie made it manageable and fun. She was positive and honest and helped me put my office back together. I am actually able to use it now! We were able to organize both my desk and my husband’s desk without him even being there. She gave me homework to help maximize her time with me. Again, I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who needs to organize!!” – Amanda M.

“I cannot thank you enough for how you transformed my home and restored peace. I would have so much anxiety every time I went upstairs, knowing what was behind the closed doors. It’s so refreshing to not only be relieved of that but to have my whole house functional again and such a huge space for my son to safely play in!” – Dawn N.

“Julie Bernatz, with Space to Embrace, was wonderful to work with! She was enthusiastic about helping me with my project and was always there at our scheduled time to work. What I enjoyed most about working with her was her compassion. I had downsized from a large home to a two bedroom apartment and brought with me furniture from my mother house that I had acquired. Julie helped me through some tough emotional decisions with kindness. When I first contacted her, I was at an all time low. I felt stressed and had anxiety and depression mostly because of all the “stuff” that had me feeling overwhelmed. Once we cleared out my garage and spare room, I felt like the weight was lifted! I want to also add, that I found her services through a simple internet search for local organizers in the area. Her website shared her vision and non-judgmental approach to helping others. I also appreciated that her rates were listed there and I had no surprises or extra charges. Not only is she good at what she does, but she is well connected in the community. She had resources available to me for places to that would come to me and pick up my unwanted furniture and provide me with at receipt for my taxes. Plus, it was great to know that my donations would help someone else in need. She’s is warmhearted and likes to give back to the community. Julie also shared a handyman service that helped me with a couple custom shelves in my laundry room. I would highly recommend anyone to use Julie for any size organizing job that may be stressing them out!” – ​Rachel C.

“We love Julie!  Thank you for helping us organize our office space.  We are more productive and strategic because of your help.” –  Hannah S.

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