Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Organizing Service?
A Professional Organizing Service is someone that helps you to overcome clutter and disorganization to make your life, less stressful and your time, more efficient.

Why hire a Professional Organizer?
A Professional Organizer not only helps you organize your mess, but they also create easy-to-follow systems to help keep it that way. They are there to help you through the entire process or to get down and dirty and do everything themselves. They are there to sit, sort, clean, file, de-clutter, and de-stress to help make your home a better place to live.

What are the benefits of getting organized?
EVERYTHING! You will find yourself having more time, less stress, you will know where everything is located (which saves time and huge headaches), and it will make your life easier and, more importantly, happier. Your environment plays a huge part on your attitude, outlook, and even blood pressure levels. When it’s in disarray, that will reflect and play an immediate part on your life. It makes life so much simpler when your environment is organized, clean, and it’s easy to find things.

Which areas do you service?
I will tackle anything from your children’s playroom to your kitchen pantry. Almost all areas of your home, office and vehicles are covered. You can see a full listing of areas and rooms serviced on the Services page.

Will you work with me or just coach me?
It’s entirely up to you. If you don’t want to touch a thing, you don’t have to. But, if you or anyone else wants to help, it’ll get the job done faster, and in the end, save you money.

How do I get started?
Simply contact me here and tell me what needs to be addressed, what rooms/areas you’d like organized, and any other details you’d like to include. I will then get back with you and we can set up a time for our initial meeting.

What takes place at the initial meeting?
I come and evaluate the space(s) as-is and formulate a plan of action. Then, we will discuss what problems you have with the space(s), what you would like to see change, and what is currently working for you.

Will you be flexible and able to work around my schedule?
I’m here to work with you and your schedule.

Will my sessions be confidential?
You betcha! All meeting, conversations, and questions are between you and I, and no one else. To see other guidelines I stand by, please read the bottom section of my About page.

What are your rates?
Please see the Services page for details.

What if I only need you for a few hours?
That’s fine with me! There is a minimum of 3 hours for each project.

Where do you take donations?
​I feel that it is important to give back to the community and to help those in need. Because of that, if the client doesn’t have a preference, I will take household donations to The Giving Tree Foundation in Wake Forest. The wonderful thing about The Giving Tree Foundation is that all proceeds go to Wake Forest Schools. It is a non-profit resale and gift shop for household items.

​I prefer to take clothing donations to Note in the Pocket in Raleigh. Their mission is to provide clothing to impoverished and homeless children in Wake County.

For unwanted furniture or larger items, those donations go to The Green Chair Project which reuses donated household furnishings to renew lives of participants referred from area programs who are recovering after homelessness, crisis or disaster.

It is important to know that The Giving Tree Foundation, Note in the Pocket and The Green Chair all provide receipts for you tax deductions.

Will you do speaking engagements?
Yes, I would love to share my love of organization with your group!

Are there any other resources you recommend?

Yes, I find the following to be very helpful:

The Hollis Co. Next 90 Day Challenge

North Carolina Bar Association – This is the Law Pamphlet

VandenBroucke Imaging – Digital Photo Organizing Service

North Wake Multi-Material Recycling Facility

Amazon Give Back Box

What payments are accepted?
I accept cash, check and credit card. Payment is due at the end of each daily work session.

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