Five Fears of Working With an Organizer


Hello Space to Embrace friends! I’m so excited to be sharing my first blog with you. Some people are worried about working with an organizer, fearful even! My greatest enjoyment is making your life easier and bringing you happiness so you can have a space to embrace in your home. I’ve put together the five fears of hiring an organizer with my responses to each. You may feel that some of these points speak to you and if so, I’d be happy to have a conversation with you about your space. Ok, let’s get started!

Fear #1

Ashamed of the situation and fear of being judged.

My response:

Let’s be honest! Sometimes life can get really crazy. I’m not here to judge the craziness, I’m here as someone who is trained and ready to tackle your project. I will first talk with you about what your goals and priorities are for your space. Then, I will create a plan of attack and work with you to make your space one that you can embrace.

Fear #2

All of my favorite things will be taken away from me to be thrown or given away.

My response:

Together, we will sort through everything! We will create a system to separate items that you want to keep, items that you are done using and can donate and items that need to be discarded. This is a process that we work together on! Sometimes we will need to discuss the items in hand and I can help you decide what to do with your items. Once it is all sorted, I will help with taking items for donation and trash and together we will come up with a process to put the items you want to keep into your space.

Fear #3

I won’t know where to find anything. I won’t understand the system you use to organize.

My response:

For example, if we are organizing your kitchen, we will talk through a logical placement for the items you are keeping and then before I leave, I will put post it notes on your cabinets labeling where everything is. After a few days, most clients get the hang of where everything is located. My goal is to keep the process logical and simple for my clients to follow.

Fear #4

Loss of control. I like to have control, but don’t know where to start!

My response:

With loss of control, I think of two things. First, you like to make all the decisions but don’t know where to start. Second, you are a perfectionist and that is why you haven’t tackled the project yet. You want it to be perfect! And, I totally understand. However, there are times when it is simply more helpful for an expert at your side to get the job done. I will discuss what isn’t working for you in your space and together we will talk through a process that will work and then I will put that process into place. As far as wanting everything perfect, it’s better to address the issue at hand and get it organized then tweak as necessary until you are comfortable with the results.

Fear #5

Cost. Why should I pay someone to do this when I can do it myself?

My response:

Yes, most people can do this themselves. However, there are services that simply make our lives easer such as housecleaner, carpet cleaner, handy man, window cleaner, etc. Often times, the task at hand isn’t something that we enjoy doing and therefore, hiring someone is one way to stay focused and get the job done. Also, when I assess your space, I typically have a vision for what it will look like when completed. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees” – I think it’s more like “not everyone can see the serenity through the chaos”. My rate is $50 per hour and I offer a package discount if you purchase 20 hours / 10% discount (a savings of $100) paid when the contract is signed.

Don’t let fear stand in the way of having a space to embrace in your home! What are your fears about working with an organizer?

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