As summer comes to an end and we look forward to cooler weather, pumpkins, pumpkin spice everything, we are also seeing a change in our wardrobes.  This is a perfect time to address some fall organizing projects like closets, home décor and winter preparations.

First, let’s talk about the closets.  These tips can be used at any time but seem to be most helpful in spring and fall.  Start by going through your summer items and separate items that you didn’t wear that summer.  Perhaps you no longer like that style, maybe the color has faded, it could be that it does not fit quite right, etc.  Most likely, you won’t wear it next summer, so this is a great time to bless someone else with it.  Of that grouping, if you have designer or like-new items, consider selling them on sites like Poshmark, threadUP, Facebook Marketplace or a selling site of your preference to make some quick cash. If the items don’t sell in 4 weeks, donate them. For the rest of your unwanted clothing, donate it to a cause that will help others.  I often give to Dress for Success or Note in the Pocket.  As far as the summer items that you want to keep for next year, that is up to you. Some people move the items to a different closet (perhaps in a guest room), while others put them in totes and store them.  You can also simply switch the location in the closet so that the current season is the easiest to get to.  Everyone’s storage situation is different, so do what works best for you.

Take a look at your fall items.  Sort them just like you did for your summer items.  Try to sell items the items that you can and donate items that you don’t think that you will wear.  Only put the clothes in your closet that you plan on wearing.  When putting the items in your closet, put them in color order, light to dark.  This will help easily find what you are looking for and realize how many items you have of the same color; you may be surprised to see how many black tops you have!

For your donations, it’s best to put them in a trash bag and take them straight to your car.  The next time you are heading out for errands, drop them off.  Please don’t haul them in your trunk for weeks on end!  Now that your closet is done, move on to the next closet in the house whether it be your spouse or kids.  It would be a good idea to set a goal of one per day until they are all done.

One closet that we often overlook is the coat closet.  In preparation for colder months, have hour winter coats dry cleaned or washed.  Same goes for hats, scarves and gloves.  This way, everything will be fresh and ready for wearing!

Now, let’s talk about décor.  Gather any summer items that need to go to storage.  I recommend storing items by room.  That way when it’s time to get them out next summer, you simply take the bin to the appropriate room and you will have what goes there.  I suggest using bins with lids mostly because they are stackable and they keep the critters out.  Remember not to overstuff a bin.  You want the lids to close securely and you also don’t want to damage the items that are inside.

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There are a couple of items that I recommend doing in the fall to prepare for colder months.  First, I store the outdoor cushions inside.  I recommend putting them in your garage or storage area to keep them out of the elements.  When it comes to your patio furniture, if your garage has the space to store it, move it there temporarily.  If you don’t have that extra space, put furniture covers on it.  This will protect the furniture from the elements and hopefully, add to the furniture’s life.

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Now that your fall wardrobes are organized and house is decked out with your fall décor, why not invite a couple of friends over and enjoy something pumpkin flavored by the fire pit.  Time to kick back, relax and enjoy the cooler temperatures!

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