I hope that you have been following along with my Tidy Tuesday Tips and are ‘Falling in Love with Your Homes Again’. This 13-week segment that addresses various areas of your home with suggestions and tips for organizing. Many participants are feeling excited positive changes they are making! This pleases me and I know that they are happier with the transformations in their homes. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference, such as refreshing your entryway or closet, garage or bedroom. Believe it or not, I am also addressing those areas in my house and it makes me happy to come home to an organized garage, laundry and entryway. We lead busy lives and just need to take a little time to catch up and tidy up. If you are like me, you will enjoy the way the refreshed spaces look and feel when the clutter is gone.

Clutter does the opposite. In often cases, when we are dealing with clutter in our homes it affects our outlook on life in general. When we are disorganized, we often feel anxious, discouraged, frustrated and overall stressed with the situation. I would like to encourage you to take baby steps to declutter and reclaim your spaces. When you move forward with reducing the excess and organize what’s left, you are making a conscious effort to renew your space and take control of it!

Taking control of your space means that you decide what you want to keep and then find the most logical place to keep it. Once you know where you want to keep it, guess what? You know where to find it when you need it! When working with clients, I often notice that they have several items of the same thing. This is a result of not knowing what you have and not being able to find something when you need it and therefore, resulting in additional purchases of what you have but cannot find. The beauty of having a renewed, refreshed and organized space is that it relieves the overall stress of your home. As we move forward with falling in love with our homes, I encourage you to play along. Whether it’s following all the suggested items or just an item or two, it is still a step in the right direction. Feel free to share your progress with me by commenting and sharing photos on social media using #spacetoembrace. I cannot wait to see how you are renewing and refreshing your spaces!

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