When I’m having conversations with friends and new acquaintances and we are talking about my organizing business, they often ask “is everything completely organized in your home?”  The answer to that is overall, yes.  However, I’m always tweaking systems and processes to help things flow more smoothly. Another one I get is “does your junk drawer ever get messy?”  Yes, we are a family using multiple areas together for multiple purposes and therefore, things do get a little out of order sometimes and need to be tidied up. And for guests that pop in and say, “your house is always so neat; does it ever get messy?”  The answer to that one is no.  When I think about it, there are reasons that it overall looks tidy and I thought I would share some of my tips with you.  Perhaps you can adopt some of these habits in your home as well!

I’m keeping this blog short and sweet.  If this seems like a lot to you, try adding one tip to your routine and once that feels comfortable, and then, add another.  I hope they will inspire you and help your space stay tidy!

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