Continuing to spend more time at home doesn’t have to be all bad. As a homeowner, there are countless ways to check things off your to-do list. Many DIY projects can be done with tools you already have around, limiting the need to go out in public. Below, Space to Embrace offers a few projects you can tackle to help pass the time as you practice social distancing.

Add Storage Solutions

When you’re always on the go, it’s easy for the house to fall into disarray and disorganization. By spending more time at home, you have the perfect opportunity to address these issues. For example, installing floating shelves is a simple way to revamp your home decor and give knick knacks a dedicated place. Building a storage ottoman or bench is another great way to tackle clutter in the living room.

Chances are, you have some of the materials for building storage solutions already. If not, most of the required supplies can be ordered online to reduce your contact with store employees. Keep in mind that you might face some shipping delays, as delivery companies are prioritizing certain types of orders. However, you can avoid delays by ordering supplies from local stores that offer curbside pickup.

If your home could use a bit more, and if you want to up the organization wow factor, consider enlisting the services of Space to Embrace for storage and organization solutions for places like your closets, play room, kitchen pantry and craft room. You’ll end up with less stress and simplified spaces that enhance your home’s beauty.

Improve Your Home Security

While there are many professional companies that will install a home security system for you, this is a task you can handle on your own. For example, you can order a DIY security system that’s easy to install without any special knowledge. Many of these systems come with professional monitoring, as well as features like video doorbells that allow you to see who’s outside at any given time.

Aside from enhanced security systems, basic steps such as installing stronger deadbolts or making sure your windows all have locks will help as well. You can even deter would-be thieves by planting thorny shrubs beneath your windows. While these options are low-tech, they can still  give your home an important security boost and provide more peace of mind.

Spruce Up Your Deck

Building a new deck is frequently ranked among the best projects for getting a good return on investment (ROI). Real Simple points out that many homebuyers love having an outdoor space, so it can be a great selling point. However, it takes a decent amount of skill to build a new deck from scratch, making it a less realistic DIY project.

If you already have a wood deck, you can still boost your home’s value significantly by giving it a makeover with a fresh coat of stain. This Old House explains that you’ll want to make repairs and clean the deck before applying the stain to achieve the best results. Building a railing or installing landscaping around an old deck can make it a more inviting space as well.

When deciding on a design, stain color or railing style, check what’s trending in the local real estate market. Look at market insights to see what outdoor amenities other recently-sold homes have to offer. Knowing this can help boost your ROI if you plan to sell your home in the near future.

Do Some DIY Home Maintenance

Not all DIY projects are as exciting as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes, the most important projects don’t come with a lot of fanfare. For example, it’s crucial to maintain things such as your gutters, caulk, water heater and toilets so they stay in good condition. This won’t necessarily add to your future list price, but invisible home improvements can maintain your home’s value by avoiding costly issues when you’re ready to sell.

Tackling projects at home is a great way to help pass time during the pandemic. By sticking to small-scale projects, you can limit your contact with others. The best part of all, even small improvements can have a big impact not just on your home value, but on your enjoyment of your home as well.

Whether you need a little or a lot of organization, Julie Bernatz of Space to Embrace is here to help whip your house into shape. With her expert help, you’ll end up with “a space you embrace rather than a space to avoid.”

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