I love my job!  I love it even more when I am asked to share my inspiration for someone else’s space.  Recently, a friend reached out to me to ask if I would come and take a look at a spare room in her home that she wanted to turn into a dressing room.  We talked about what the space currently was and how she wanted to use it and, of course, I went for the consultation in hopes of being able to bring her inspiration for her space.

Upon arrival, she took the time to give me a tour of her home and share some of their personal style.  She shared ideas for the future of different rooms and I enjoyed hearing her thoughts, seeing her style throughout the home and getting to know her on a more personal level.

Then, we moved on to the room that she wanted to transform.  It was an extra bedroom that wasn’t currently in use.  The nice thing is that it had a bathroom attached to it that was shared with another room.  She had already had the room painted a lovely pastel pink.  She had found a beautiful ceiling light at a boutique store and it had a circular theme to it.  In addition to that, she had already purchased a vanity with a round chair.  Again, we stepped back and took in the space.  She shared that she would like to remove the closet doors and create some type of drawer storage.  We went straight to Pinterest for inspiration and to be sure that we were on the same page for the closet space.  She also wanted to and add a free-standing clothing rack and a chaise lounge to the room.  Here is a quick video of what we started with:

Now that I knew what she wanted to include, the wheels in my brain started turning.   I shared how I envisioned the space and she liked the sound of it.  Next came the tedious part of it all, measuring and drawing the room so that we can find pieces that fit perfectly and make sure that everything was to scale.

The following day I started searching the internet to source just the right pieces.  I gathered my ideas together and shared them with her via text and the next thing you know, we had found everything that we were looking for: the clothing rack, chaise lounge, rug, mirror and accent shelf.  I had so much fun finding just the right pieces for her dressing room.  Next, she went ahead and placed the order.  Lucky for us, her husband is handy and was happy to help put each piece of furniture together that needed assemble.  We were both excited about the project and she sent me pictures of each piece as it arrived and was assembled.

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing the new space for myself and to help her add the accessories and clothing.  While we have not finished the project completely, it already looks luxurious.  The few items left are the closet project (which I referred to my home repair specialist) and hanging of the artwork and some floating shelves on the wall.  She is thrilled with the outcome of the project and is anxious for the last final touches to be completed.  I look forward to sharing how the closet turns out at the end of the month.  Here is our finished product to date: