When my business started, I was new to the Raleigh area.  I wanted to learn about all the local resources that accept donations and how they use the donations.  A friend of mine shared information about Missions Thrift and I am excited to share that with you too!  The store’s proceeds support local and global causes. Since opening in 2011, they have donated over $1,000,000 in the Triangle area and globally! Over 65 local nonprofit organizations in the Triangle, including Note in the Pocket, Gateway Women’s Care and Alliance Medical Ministry, have benefited from the Missions Thrift Store. Globally, they support D.O.O.R International, which is on the front lines planting churches and teaching the Bible to the Deaf in their own languages.

From their website, here are some ways that support the local community:

  • Providing new and gently used shoes and clothing to deserving local students through ministries such as Note In the Pocket
  • providing new and gently used shoes, clothing and other needed items to the local community through ministries such as the Raleigh Dream Center and the Baptist Men’s’ Ministry
  • providing a structured and friendly place for members of our Abilities Enabled community to practice and build on life skills
  • providing a place for local students to practice and develop vocational skills and earn required community service hours for graduation

And, that’s not all!  Proceeds from the store have a global impact by:

  • helping to send out sort-term mission teams who share about God and the Bible with others
  • helping to translate the Bible to the Deaf worldwide in their native sign language and establish local deaf fellowships
  • providing surplus donations to Global Aid Network (GAiN) who sends out humanitarian aid overseas

In 2019, Missions Thrift suffered from a fire that damaged the merchandise and caused the store to close.  They were able to reopened in January of 2020, and were in desperate need of donations to stock the store for the community.  When I heard about this, I wanted to contribute.  Given that they provide great support locally and globally and especially to the deaf community, I wanted to be part of their success!  The thought of being a small part of something that made a huge impact made my heart very happy and I started taking donations to them.

From my personal experience, the staff at Missions Thrift have always been so kind and appreciative of the donations I have given them.  They are always ready with a smile and help me unload my donations. My clients appreciate the fact that the donations are helping those in our community and beyond.  It makes it much easier to part unwanted items when you are actually being a blessing to others.

Missions Thrift is conveniently located in Raleigh off of E. Millbrook Road and are part of the Crossroads Church building.  When taking donations, simply follow the signs to the right of the building and then you will see the drop off location.

Whether you have donations or are looking for a new local thrift store to shop at, I highly recommend that you check out Missions Thrift.  It will make your heart happy!