I have a friend that works for an Independent Senior Living apartment building who had someone moving in and they needed help packing for their move.  It was my pleasure to help the client and her daughters prepare for the move.  I assisted with the packing, furniture placement at the new home and also unpacking.  I truly enjoyed helping them with the entire process.

When we were packing the old apartment, I noticed that there were several pieces of medical equipment from her late husband.  She no longer needed them and was unsure of what to do with the equipment because she wanted it to go to a good cause.

I started asking people in the senior services community about unwanted medical equipment and found that there was a service in Raleigh that will take those items and share them with people in need.  The business is called, From Your Neighbor.  From their website, this is their mission:  From Your Neighbor serves the Triangle Area and surrounding communities by providing effective and reliable medical equipment to the people that need it with the assistance of our partners made up of caring individuals, community agencies and private organizations.

I contacted them and shared what equipment the client had and they were happy to receive it.  Not only were they happy but my client was too because they knew their donations were going to a wonderful cause.

I wanted to share a little more from their website; From Your Neighbor has helped many North Carolinians from Wake County to the coast. We have travelled thousands of miles to pick up donations and bring equipment to neighbors in need.  Although most of our work is in the Triangle Area, we have been known to drive more than 2 hours when needed.  We receive generous support from many community partners.

Wake Med Hospital, Centers for Volunteer Caregivers, St Vincent de Paul, Family Medical Supply, Stalls Medical, Guardian Angel Thrift Store, The Medical Super Store of Durham and Affordable Medical Supplies to name a few.

We are committed to making safe choices in reusing our equipment to prevent unnecessary waste in our landfills.

If you are in need of medical equipment or have equipment to donate, I strongly suggest that you contact From Your Neighbor.  They will be there to help and would truly appreciate your donations.