Well, it’s officially summer and if you are like me, you are enjoying time with friends and family.  It is especially nice since COVID restrictions have been lifted.  Most of our gatherings are of the “pot luck” type and I will bake something for the occasion.  My go-to is chocolate chip cookies.  I have made them so many times that I no longer need to refer to the recipe.  When I made them last time, I thought about my baking items.  Both what I keep in the pantry and how I organize the baking area of my cabinets.  I thought it might be helpful to share some tips for you to use in your kitchen and pantry as well.  Let’s start with the pantry.  Since chocolate chip cookies are what I bake the most, I have created a “core baking” bin on my shelf.  That bin keeps what I will need for the cookies (shortening, baking soda, chocolate chips, vanilla and parchment sheets).  I have air tight canisters for the flower and sugar.  So, when I want to bake cookies, I simply grab that basket, sugars and flower and get to work.

I wanted to also talk about storing your bakeware in your cabinets.  It’s best if you can categorize your items and keep them in close proximity to each other.  For instance, all my mixing bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons and pie pans are kept in the same cabinet.  I keep my cake pans together as well.  I use the drawer under my oven for my cookie sheets.  In my utensil drawer, I have one section that is just spatulas and wooden spoons.  With everything being grouped together, baking is a piece of cake! (Did you like that pun?)

I thought I would share some inspirational pictures for you too and then maybe, one afternoon when you are beating the heat and staying indoors, you can organize your bakeware in a way that works for you.  Use the “contact me” button if you would like my famous chocolate chip recipe! (Photos: Pinterest)

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