On my website, I list Decor, Design and Hanging as one of the services I offer.  I wanted to share more details about these services.  Let me start by saying that I am not an interior decorator, interior designer or handyman.  With that being said, I do feel like I have a gift when it comes to furniture placement, home decor and I have helped several people hang pictures in their homes.  I truly enjoy this part of the job, especially when it comes to searching your home for treasures that you already have!  I like to use what the clients have on hand to the best of our ability first and then, if an accent piece is needed, I’m happy to help them find just the right piece.  There are a couple of ways that I handle this.  In most cases, I’ll shop on the internet and share suggestions via text with my clients.  If they like the item, they will purchase it and we will put it into place in their room.  There are times that we just need to get out and see things first hand for ourselves to find just the right item.  If that’s the case, I will shop with my client (measurements in hand with ideas in mind) and we will try to source just the right item.  In most cases, this is a furniture piece that we need to make sure is comfortable and the right size for the space.  I do charge a fee for the time I apply for this service but my clients have been so happy to have help in this process and have felt like it was totally worth it.

I also love to rearrange furniture and give the space a new perspective and fresh look.  I always have my furniture slides in my bag, ready to assist with the movement of the larger pieces.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes to move a chair to a different room or change the furniture arrangement of a family room.

Then there are the pictures that we all love but are nervous to put on the walls.  My thought is that if you love these pictures, they should be hanging up for you to enjoy every time you walk into a room.  I have helped several clients create groupings of pictures and then showcase them on their walls.  It makes such a huge difference and brings so much character to a room.  I feel bad when a client shares with me that they haven’t had their pictures on display in several years because they couldn’t hang them or were hesitant to do it.

What I find myself doing in many instances is imagining that their home is my own and then I share with the them my ideas for their space.  This works on the rooms we love and also other areas such as garages, storage areas and closets.  Sometimes, we have to talk through the logistics of how they use the space and what logically works best for them.  There are lots inspirational ideas on Pinterest as well!  I will search and share ideas with clients that need to actually see a visual example.

I have a client who recently moved into her home and she said that it “just didn’t feel homey”.  I am under the impression that she loved her former home and would like to have that same feeling at this home.   I went for my consultation and we talked about the house and how she would like to use the rooms.  I shared my “vision” for her space and gave her a couple of ideas.  Well, she loved what I had planned for her home and even started rearranging some of the furniture that night! After our second work session she gave me the biggest compliment by saying that hiring me to help her with her home was the best money she has ever spent.  WOW, that’s a compliment!  I am thrilled that she is enjoying her space and sourcing just the right items to organize it and arrange it so that it is homier.

My hope is that if you are not enjoying the vibe of your home, you will feel comfortable enough to click the “Contact Us” button below to schedule a consultation so that we can create a space for you to embrace and relax in!

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