This year I thought it would be nice highlight the resources that I have grown to love in the area.  If you are outside of the Raleigh area, try a Google search for similar businesses in your area.  You’ll be surprised at the cool businesses that are out there!

Let me introduce you to Poof Be Gone.  Do you ever look at a mess and say “I wish I could make this mess disappear?”  Well, that is Poof Be Gone can do for you!  Sarah and her team (who she lovingly refers to as “Dump Fairies”) have been working hard since 2019 taking what we no longer want to the dump!  When I met Sarah for the first time, she had a mantra that I’ll summarize, “I hate stuff and believe that less is more so poofing makes me happy”.

I have had the pleasure of working with them on several projects.  She makes the job very easy.  All you have to do is to create your pile (if you have hazardous things like paint, put it in a separate pile) text her a picture at 855-766-3324 and the address.  She has an excellent response time and will reply and let you know when she can do the pick up as well as what the cost is.  As far as billing, simply share your email and she will email you an invoice and you can pay it on line.

Not only does Poof Be Gone haul junk, but they can also assist you with furniture pick-ups.  She has been known to travel to High Point, NC to pick and furniture for her clients.

Taking it a step further, they have also helped move several of my clients.  Some have been local moves and others are moving to another state!  As long as everything is packed and ready, Sarah and her team will take everything from point A to point B.  She has even been known to take the person moving along with her.  Talk about full service!

On occasion, I have had to clear out left over items at a property so that it can be cleaned thoroughly and put on the market.  Again, it’s Sarah and her team to the rescue.  I bag up whatever is left and her team comes and picks it up as well as any remaining furniture items!  She has been known to help several real estate agents with this process as well.

What I love about Sarah is passion is helping others in the community.  When she has items that still have life left in them, she provides them as a resource to others in need.  Often times, simply giving the items away.  She truly has a heart of gold and will do whatever she can to help!

For more information, check out her website at www.poofbegone.com and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.  You’ll be amazed!

I feel blessed to be able to partner with her when I’m organizing for my clients.  My clients are happy to have me set up the pickups when I’m done with their jobs.  We are like a one-two punch to get the jobs done.